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Faculty Sabbatical Leave
Sabbatical Leave is intended provide time and resources for qualified tenured faculty members to revitalize themselves in order to become more effective teachers and scholars and to enhance their services to the University.

A tenured faculty member (or those who will have tenure at the time of sabbatical leave) is eligible for a professional leave in their seventh year of service to the University or in the seventh year after return from a previous professional leave. Leaves are awarded to coincide with the normal academic semester dates.
A faculty member is encouraged to seek supplementary grants or other awards while on sabbatical leave, provided they are routed through normal university channels and do not interfere with the stated purposes of a faculty member’s sabbatical program. Supplemental funding from a university appropriation, not to exceed 100% of salary, may be granted for unusual circumstances with approval from the Provost.
Here are some of the basic factors that a Faculty needs to take care of when deciding to apply for Sabbatical Leave Admission from universities all over the world considering the rules and regulations of their own countries and institutes for Sabbatical Leave of Abcense and Sabbatical Leave Admission. We, at www.visituniversities.com, do our best to conform to the regulations governing sabbatical leave admission to an university over the world.

Application Procedure





A sabbatical leave or visiting scholar program or guest scholar program, as differentiated with a terminal leave, which is a leave without compensation, or a leave on health grounds, is defined as a leave for the purpose of encouraging and motivating faculty members (which of course included the administrative officers who occupy faculty rank) to involve in or start a scholarly research or other activities intended to increase their scholarly attainment or their competence and capabilities to render service to the University. A sabbatical leave is not grantable for the purpose of taking regular academic or other employment of pecuniary advantage elsewhere.



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